Bolt Manufacturing installed an absence management platform to reduce manual processes and improve claim processing efficiency

April 6th, 2016 – Bolt Manufacturing, a large employer with 6500 employees recently installed the AbsenceDirect platform to improve the efficiency of their HR department. AbsenceDirect is a cloud-based absence management platform that offers employers peace of mind when managing employee leaves of absence in-house.

The Bolt HR department had been using spreadsheets and paper files to manually track employee leaves of absence. The HR department was swamped; trying to stay on top of changing regulations, untimely processing of absence requests and approving employees for ineligible absences for fear of litigation.

Amy, who was recently appointed the human resources (HR) director at Bolt, was tasked with improving HR operations. Amy flagged the potential risk of litigation, due to inefficient processes and outdated regulations. With the announcement of increasing DOL on-site visits in December 2015, Bolt was spurred into investing in a technology solution.

“Employee’s absence claims were getting out of hand, we needed to implement a software solution to streamline our claim processing efforts to ensure we were compliant with FMLA and ADA regulations,” says Amy, HR Director at Bolt Manufacturing. “Now we know we are compliant and even have time to focus on managing leaves of absence, rather than simply approving all leave requests.”

AbsenceDirect offers employers the opportunity to manage employee leaves of absence internally, using an industry best practice platform;

      • Automated tasks and workflows generate based on predefined rules, which are configurable,
      • Letters and forms are issued automatically,
      • A Claim Summary contains all leave details in one place, reducing the risk of lost files,
      • A cloud-based centralized system allows access anywhere anytime,
      • An Employee Portal allows employees to create claims and monitor claim status, reducing the pressure on call centers, and
      • A Supervisor Portal allow supervisors to monitor employees out on leave, making filling positions more manageable.

AbsenceDirect has allowed the HR team to focus on other activities, such as ensuring all provider documentation is returned, interactively engaging with employees, and making accommodations helping employees return to work. The improved claim processing efficiency has resulted in a happier internal team, with more focus on employees as an asset to Bolt Manufacturing. View the full case study for additional information.

About ClaimVantage
ClaimVantage provides Life, Health and Absence claim management software products to Insurance carriers, TPA’s, and employers, including two of the top 3 carriers in Canada, and two of the top ten carriers in the US. The company, with offices in Portland, Maine and Dublin, Ireland, provides efficient, accurate, and productive claims processing and absence management solutions to a wide-range of Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), and employers. For more information about ClaimVantage, visit


Sarah Courtney


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