Portland, Maine, April, 2012

When Benesure Canada Inc., the leader in providing insurance solutions for mortgage brokers and non-bank mortgage lenders across Canada, sought a claims processing automation solution to improve customer service, data tracking, and financial controls they turned to ClaimVantage.

Benesure’s focus was on improving customer satisfaction and improving the efficiency and the total cost of operations of the department. It anticipated a reduction in claim calls for status updates and expects to see that happen with the introduction of the two online portals. While some of these benefits are internally focused, the major driver of the project was improved customer satisfaction over time.

Two major components of the customer satisfaction program are:

The Claim Status Centre clients use an online portal to get current, up to date information regarding their claim throughout the claim process. It contains information about documents outstanding, payment processed, and payments approved.

The Claim Incomplete Portal clients can complete their claim interview online if they choose to. This option can speed up the initial claim process and clients still have the option of calling or completing the interview on a form mailed to them.

The ClaimVantage solution provided easily implemented modules that quickly improved the quality of data available to front line claims professionals and mangers. It also allowed seamless monitoring of the adjudicators to accurately track progress and workload—and make adjustments as necessary. Bringing information into one solution allows Benesure to have all the information easily available for approval of claims without going to multiple systems or locations to get the information needed.

A key component of the solution is the recently live “Customer Claims Website”. Now customers have the ability to complete the initial claim intake interview process online rather than over the phone. This self-service customer portal coupled with push emails directly to claimants—keeps customers up to date with the status of their claim and any related payment information. Ultimately, Benesure anticipates that this will cut down the number of incoming calls and lead to a reduction in the number of full time claims professionals dedicated to answering customer inquiries.

Tina Bellavia, F.S.A., VP, Insured Services at Benesure said, “I’m looking forward to realizing the customer satisfaction gains from the customer claims website. It should dramatically improve customer satisfaction, as they are able to independently initiate the claim, track the progress, and—if it’s an approved claim—see the payment schedule. This will reduce the calls coming in and allow us to reassign FTE resources in accordance with the workload. We’ve already seen benefits from the ClaimVantage solution around financial controls and adjudication management.”

About ClaimVantage

ClaimVantage provides software solutions that automate the claim process using client unique business rules and workflows. Its modules eliminate manual processes and workarounds. It brings legacy systems into the 21st century creating a greener, more accurate, and efficient operation from intake to adjudication. ClaimVantage automated claims operations to get claims professionals focused on critical decisions—while dramatically adding to capacity, and delivering superior solutions incorporating industry-leading data.

About Benesure

Benesure Canada Inc. is the leader in providing insurance solutions for mortgage brokers and non-bank mortgage lenders across Canada. We provide creditor life & disability and home warranty programs under the brand names of Mortgage Protection Plan (MPP), Credit Security Plan (CSP) and Encompass Home Service. Its insurance company, Credit Security Insurance Agency, is licensed in all provinces.

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