We are delighted to announce a new product offering; Work Accommodation management software solution, designed to guide you and your case managers through the ADA interactive process. This product enhances the existing AbsenceDirect platform, to offer at work accommodations, as well as the existing leave as an accommodation functionality.

The ADA requires that an employer must engage in an interactive process to offer an employee with a disability, as defined by the ADAAA, a reasonable accommodation to stay at work. This solution can also be used to help employees return to work early. If no accommodation is available, leave as an accommodation can be offered as an alternative.

This platform provides you with a few key features to help you successfully engage in the interactive process:

  1. Thoroughly documents all accommodation requests received by employees, and stores the data in a centralized database.
  2. Supports and records all interviews with peers, supervisors, and physicians regarding accommodation needs.
  3. All accommodation details can be easily exported in PDF format to ensure all data is easily accessible.
  4. The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) online index is embedded to allow case managers to research suitable accommodations from a reputable source. For example, an employee suffering from a back condition may have difficulty reaching overhead. JAN suggests a rolling ladder would be a reasonable accommodation for this employee. JAN lists several suppliers which enable you to research associated costs for documentation purposes.
  5. Photographs and other documentation can be attached to the claim.
  6. The cost of accommodations and potential accommodations are tracked in the system. Tracking costs allows employers to conduct a cost-benefit analysis and helps employers defend an undue hardship if necessary.
  7. Drag and drop reporting capability.

This product can be used independently or integrated with either the AbsenceDirect leave management platform or the ClaimFirst claims processing software solution.

Download Product Brochure

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