Employers across the country are struggling to remain compliant with FMLA, ADA, Municipal and State regulations. To complicate matters further, these leave types change often, and some even run concurrently. AbsenceDirect is changing the landscape of absence management, one implementation at a time.

Amy was recently appointed the Vice President of Human Resources at Bolt Manufacturing. With the rise of DOL on-site visits and the increasing risk of non-compliance, Amy installed AbsenceDirect to improve the efficiency of her HR department. Watch the video to see how AbsenceDirect helped Amy improve claim processing efficiency at Bolt.

AbsenceDirect is a Game Changer

AbsenceDirect is a unique platform, developed by industry experts. The cloud-based software is so much more than an absence tracker; it allows employers to efficiently manage employee leave of absence requests from end-to-end. This industry-leading solution offers:

      • Configurable automated tasks and workflows generated based on predefined rules,
      • Automatically-generated letters and forms,
      • A Claim Summary containing all leave details in one place, reducing the risk of lost files,
      • A cloud-based centralized system allowing access anywhere anytime,
      • An Employee Portal where employees can create claims and monitor claim status, reducing the pressure on call centers, and
      • A Supervisor Portal enabling supervisors to monitor employees out on leave, making filling positions more manageable.

If you are interested in seeing how AbsenceDirect can improve your absence management request a no obligation demo today.

Still not convinced?

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