No matter which technology enhancement route you travel, you need a solution that can seamlessly integrate multiple systems, platforms and processes in order to automate your claim processing workflow throughout the life cycle of a claim.

Whether you have a legacy system that needs a complete overhaul, or you are looking to replace part or all of your manual processes, ClaimVantage has the automated claims management system solution for you.

Automated Claims Processing

Automated claims processing for insurance companies, TPAs and self-insurers is no longer a luxury; it’s a competitive requisite. ClaimVantage automated claims management system solutions offer several clear and immediate advantages that stand apart in the wide world of claim technology:

  • Builds on your existing capabilities
    ClaimVantage works with your team to evaluate your current claim processes and locate any possible business threats. We then identify the ClaimVantage Solution that can best serve your business needs and integrate with your existing systems, offering configurations using custom settings and product extensions.
  • Reliably Tracks and Reports Data in Real-time
    The ClaimVantage Solutions bring you automated best practice options with high-level tracking and reporting functions. All claims data is stored in one centralized database, ensuring all data is ready in real-time for export when you need it.
  • Supports Better Decisions when Managing Compliance
    ClaimVantage helps simplify complex and potentially conflicting requirements when managing different types of benefits, i.e. changing regulatory compliance.
  • Increases Productivity
    Automating claims operations has measurable payback, whether you choose partial or complete automation. Claims are processed quickly and accurately, directly routing them to the right person for key decisions, resulting in increased productivity and business value.

Intelligent Integration

Two frequently asked questions always arise when discussing claims technology enhancements: How is this going to work with what we already have in place and how can we build on these enhancements down the line?

At ClaimVantage we integrate adjustments for your specified work rules and reporting requirements into the core ClaimVantage solution. All ClaimVantage Solutions are equipped with intelligent integration capabilities that work in synergy with existing administration systems, other ClaimVantage Solutions, and future cloud software innovations.

Every ClaimVantage Solution is designed to deliver results. Built on a common development platform, each of our claims management system solutions is designed to work together or independently, as a stand-alone.

For example, the ClaimFirst and AbsenceDirect Solutions can be implemented completely independently of each other. However, when integrated, the information flows from one solution to the other, providing complete life cycle claim management.

Cloud-based Technology

ClaimVantage utilizes the industry’s best-in-class cloud-based applications to facilitate secure technology upgrades, solution enhancements, as well as regulatory changes. There is no new “version” to install or buy. You are always up-to-date and ready to capitalize on new claims management system software technology innovations and advancements. Cloud-based technology allows ClaimVantage to continually test and refine for functional reliability and protection. Multiple backups and layers of security protocols protect your data.

ClaimVantage’s cloud-based applications offer many advantages, including:

  • Faster & Easier Access
    Your preferred ClaimVantage automated claims processing solution is readily available through the web and is compatible with most leading browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. The Lightning Platform makes integrating your claims processing and decision-making processes simple.
  • Usability
    The ClaimVantage Solutions are developed on the Lightning Platform, taking advantage of available “best practice” user interfaces and usability testing.
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
    ClaimVantage works out to be as much as 50% less than traditional installation, configuration, upgrades, system requirements, and internal IT support.

Lightning Platform Builds in Workflow and Rules

The Salesforce Lightning Platform is the global leader in providing development tools to build and run cloud-based business applications. The platform is metadata-driven and ensures a secure, reliable and scalable environment.

Automated workflow tasks and rules built into the Lightning Platform help automate and improve your business processes, from intake and adjudication through to payments. A proven enterprise platform for building and running business applications in the cloud, the Lightning Platform also powers the CRM applications.

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