At ClaimVantage, we’re on a mission to take cloud-based, automated Life, Health, and Absence claims-management to new efficiency and profit levels. Our team brings highly regarded insurance industry knowledge, and IT development expertise, along with an unrivaled commitment to delivering the best claims processing software implementation experience, possible.

Leo Corcoran

CEO of ClaimVantage

With decades of experience in the software industry, Leo trusted his strategic vision, skills, and e [...]

Bev Nye

Business Strategist

With over 40 years of experience, Bev works closely with customers to deliver efficient, accurate, a [...]

Keith Clarke

Chief Technology Officer

With a 25-year development career, Keith is responsible for the technologies and processes required [...]

Keith Peters

Product Architect

With more than 20 years of development experience, Keith is a renowned system architect. [...]

Angie Brown

Director, Absence and Regulatory Compliance

Angie is a highly regarded FMLA industry professional, with nearing 20 years of experience. [...]

Regina Walsh

Customer Support Manager

Regina Walsh comes to ClaimVantage from IBM Corporation and brings an extensive [...]

Barry Cotter

Delivery Manager

After Barry completed his Masters in Telecommunications at Dublin City University (DCU) he joined th [...]

David Peter Crocker


Dave uses his vast knowledge to help navigate legal, licensing, partnership and trade issues related [...]

Barry Lundquist


Barry brings over 35 years of insurance industry experience to the ClaimVantage team. With previous [...]

Oisin Gilbride


As well as operating his accounting firm, Oisin works with ClaimVantage to promote sustainable long- [...]