At ClaimVantage, we’re on a mission to take cloud-based, automated Life, Health, and Absence claim management to new efficiency and profit levels. Our team brings highly regarded insurance industry knowledge, and IT development expertise, along with an unrivaled commitment to delivering the best claim processing software implementation experience possible.

Board of Directors

Leo Corcoran

CEO of ClaimVantage

David Peter Crocker


Oisin Gilbride


Tony Hewitt


Barry Lundquist


Leadership Team

Barry Cotter

Delivery Manager

Regina Walsh

Customer Service Manager

Ryan Walsh

Finance Manager

Management Team

Sarah Brydon

Leave of Absence Subject Matter Expert

Keith Clarke

Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Courtney

Marketing Manager

Curt Drummond

Customer Support Manager

Karen Dow

Implementation Manager

Mark Irvine

QA Manager

Tori Nadeau-Simmonds

BA Manager

Bev Nye

Business Strategist

Keith Peters

Product Architect

Jodi Scudder

Pre-Sales Manager

Frances Smyth

Scrum Master

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