ClaimVantage raced through this year on full throttle with some pretty amazing results. We even had a few rewarding firsts:

  1. end of year wrap upUser Group Summit
  2. Voluntary-Accident Only Business Line Launch
  3. South Africa Trade Mission
  4. Five customer case studies and our first partner case study completed.

So what else has changed in a year? Lots!

  • Demos on existing products (Disability, life and integrated absence and disability) increased by 36%.
  • We started a weekly user group forum with existing customers to hear feedback focused on enhancing the usability and functionality of existing products for all customers. One of the new features that came from this feedback included our new Claims Summary View, which will feature in a future blog.
  • Expanded our global team with five new-hires in Dublin office, along with a sales manager in South Africa and in the UK.
  • Entered the Australia market with business line options and local technology-service partner Sequential.
  • Expanded the stand-alone absence leave management solution with Absence Direct, which is ideal for all companies with 50-5000+ employees. This is an affordable, ready-to-use tool to improve company leave record keeping and compliance.


While we bid adieu to this very productive year, we see a very optimistic 2014 on the horizon. We extend our gratitude to our customers, employees, associates, and industry colleagues.

Happy New Year!


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