As you can see our ClaimVantage website has changed considerably. In it’s first iteration it was more about what we do. Now it’s about what we can do together.

It’s sharper, easier to navigate, and quicker to help someone understand what we offer and how it would help them. We’ve changed around the videos and are soon to add a new short video with an overview of the solution and a few screen shots to help you get a look and feel for the system.

It also features our new logo and tagline to help folks discovering us for the first time get a better initial grasp of what we are all about. If you’ve been following us over the last few years, you’ll already know how we’ve grown as businesses around the world have worked with us to automate claims processing. This site reflects that growth.

It also features some of our partners. I’d encourage you to explore some of what they have to say on their own sites (and we have provided links) about their technology and related services. It’s an interesting mix of cutting edge companies that enable our solution development, security, installation, and claims decision-making data.

We’re not done adding more information to the website. We hope you find it helpful and encourage you to reach out to someone on our team to discuss information not covered here or a particular need that may be unique to your claims operation.