I used my laptop to find my phone. It was in a taxi. In a city I was visiting on business. It’s a great story and I’d be glad to share more if you give me a call.

The point here is that it’s incredible to think of all of the ways that technology has changed how we do things today that were not possible even last year. Behind that technology is a level of innovation that requires someone to look at a problem and solve it in a different way. Or solve for something that no one has yet to even consider as a problem.

Innovation and technology are intertwined in our business in a chicken and egg kind of way. Is it the technology that lets us find a solution that solves a problem–or is it the process of solving the problem and then using or adapting technological solutions? I’d like to think it’s both.

Innovation doesn’t have to be revolutionary–or help me find my cell phone–to make a huge difference in how businesses innovate and make evolutionary process changes to achieve superior results.  It all seems to start with questioning the way things get done and asking if there is a better way.
The innovation with a small i creates change that may never lead the evening news. It may, however, challenge the “business as usual” approach and get you ahead of the game.